A healthy and wise choice
The medical profession generally recognizes swimming as one of the healthiest exercises. It is non-contact, relatively injury free, and does not require a specific body size or build.

Parents are usually thrilled to discover the sport of swimming. They savor the fact that it provides a healthy outlet for their child’s excess energy. Many discover their children learn skills in self-discipline and time management.. Swimming is one of the top academically achieving sports after the success of American Swimmer Michael Phelps & Singapore’s Tao Li at the recent 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Keep it fun! Keep them swimming!

SwimAquatics wants swimming to be fun and rewarding. We would like to see many young swimmers taking up the sport and keeping at it through secondary school and beyond. While encouraging hard work, we want to avoid the burnout caused by an over emphasis on arduous workouts or a single-minded focus on winning. Swim smart! Swim fast! Enjoy Swimming.

A skilled swimmer seems to move effortlessly through the water. Coaches describing elite level swimmers speak of their "feel for the water". Swimming fast is 70% the result of proper technique and 30% the result of fitness and conditioning. Swim Aquatics places great emphasis on the development of proper swim technique. Especially with the young swimmers, practices incorporate technique drills and training. Grinding out yardage is meaningless without proper technique. Young swimmers with proper strokes, starts, and turns will have plenty of time to put in the hours and yards later if they want to reach elite levels of competition in high school and college.




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